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Funeral Arrangements

For your guidance we have provided information in this section for traditional funeral arrangements. They are not all essential and we will be pleased to assist you to choose your own personal selection.

Our aim is to help you arrange the most fitting funeral service or ceremony. 

The funeral should reflect the life of the person who has died. Input from all family and friends is appreciated. 

A Will may contain specific requests about funeral arrangements including the name of an Executor to arrange all funeral details. As a first step, therefore, it is advisable to check through the papers and belongings of the deceased, or contact his or her bank or solicitor, to see if a Will has been made.

As part of our service we will contact the appropriate church, minister, or person to help preside or officiate at the funeral. 

If a religious service is required, the service may take place in a Church prior to the cremation or burial.

If it is preferred not to hold the service in Church, the full service may take place in the Crematorium chapel.

Some cemeteries may also have the facility of a chapel to hold the service prior to the burial. 

We would usually recommend that where possible, a minister from the parish in which the deceased resided should officiate the service. The minister will arrange to contact the family direct so that they may wish to discuss any requirements for the service which may include hymns, music, tributes and readings.

You do not have to have a minister of religion to officiate a funeral. If you wish a funeral to be a non-religious occasion, we can arrange for an accredited Officiant or Celebrant to lead you through the service.

The Officiant or Celebrant will also contact and meet the family prior to the funeral so that they may find out more information about the person who has died and discuss any specific requirements for the service.

In usual circumstances a fee is required for the person or minister conducting the service or ceremony. 

The music and hymns (if required) can play a large part in the funeral. Some thought may need to be given to this. Many people have a favourite song that they would want played at the funeral.