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Registration of Death

Registration takes place at a meeting between a relative/person making the funeral arrangements and the Registrar at a Registry Office local to where the deceased passed away.

Initially you will need to find out if the Doctor who attended the deceased, whether at home or in hospital, has issued a Medical Certificate for the Cause of Death and has emailed it to the local Registrar’s office. Once you know the Certificate has been emailed, you can then contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Details of the number to phone depending on where the person died are below. There is also a list of information you will need prior to the telephone meeting, and what the Registrar can do for you to assist with the notification of certain organisations.

After the meeting, the Registrar will issue a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (known as 'The Green Form') which will be emailed directly to us. (If the Coroner has been informed, the funeral is to be a cremation and a post-mortem has taken place, the Green Form WILL NOT be issued. We can advise you further on the next steps in this situation).

The Registrar will also ask you how many Registrar for Copies of Entry in the Register you require. These are referred to as the 'Death Certificates' and they will be needed to deal with any legal and financial matters concerning the deceased's estate. Anything that would normally require the deceased's or their representative's signature to release funds or cancel an action, will require the production of a Death Certificate to legally confirm that the person has died. There is a charge for each copy of the Death Certificate. We will not need to see the Death Certificate as The Green Form is sufficient documentation from the Registrar for the funeral to take place.

Information Required by the Registrar:

  • Full name of the person who has died including maiden name if applicable

  • Date and Place of Birth

  • Usual Address

  • Date and place of Death

  • Occupation

  • Marital Status

  • Name and Occupation of Marital/Civil partner

  • Date of Birth of Marital/Civil partner

  • Type of State Pension or Allowance

Documents to take with you:

  • The Medical Cause of Death Certificate

  • Medical Card (If Available)

  • Birth Certificate (If Available)

  • Marriage Certificate (If Available/Applicable)

  • Reference Number of any Government Pension other than the normal state pension

How the Registration Service can help you

Following a death, several organisations may have to be contacted and be given the same information. The Registration Service can help you to give information to the Department for Work and Pensions and they can pass on the information to a number of other government departments and local council services for you.

If you decide to use the service provided by the Registrar they can inform the following organisations:

  • Pension, Disability and Carer's Service

  • JobCentre Plus

  • Overseas Health Team

  • War Pensions Scheme

  • Child Benefit

  • Child Tax Credit & Working Tax Credit

  • Personal Taxation

  • Identity and Passport Service

  • Housing Benefit Office

  • Council Tax Benefit Office

Also, if you wish, the Registrar can also inform:

  • Local Councils

  • Council Housing

  • Council Tax

  • Libraries

  • Blue Badges

  • Adult Services

  • Children's Services

  • Collection of payment for council services

  • Electoral services

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

To ensure the correct information is given to the organisations you wish to be contacted, the following information will be required:

  • The deceased's Date of Birth and National Insurance Number

  • Details of any benefits the deceased was in receipt of

  • A Copy of the Death Certificate

  • The deceased's Driving Licence or Licence Number

  • The deceased's Passport or Passport number and town/country of birth

You may also need to provide:

  • Details of the Next of Kin

  • Details of a surviving husband, wife or civil partner

  • Details of the person dealing with the estate

You must obtain permission from the persons above if you are going to provide the Registrar with their information.

East Devon Registration Office
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Opening Hours will vary

Telephone - 0345 155 1002
Email: register@devon.gov.uk
Website: new.devon.gov.uk/registrationservice